• Steel door slabs are 24G galvanized steel doors mainly sourced from NOVATECH, but also from MASONITE or TRUTECH.
  • The sills, are composite core, adjustable height, low profile sills from ENDURA.
  • The �proud edge� weatherstripping, also from ENDURA products boasts a larger contact area resulting in a better seal than traditional weatherstripping. The corner pads �locks in� to produce a better seal at the bottom of the door.
  • The hinges are all ball bearing hinges, available in eight colours.
  • The jambs are primed wood, vinyl wrapped or composite available in 4 9/16 or 6 9/16 widths.
    The double door system includes the "ultimate astrigal", also from Endura. The astrigal is finished aluminum, adjustable and features 24" locking flush bolts, the heaviest in the industry. The astrigal is paintable, stainable and available as a multi-point system.
  • In order to provide a stronger unified system, all our entrance systems are built using continuous sills and headers.


  • Built using the same fine components and attention to detail as the steel doors.
  • Entrances built using continuous sills and headers.
  • Our main supplier is MENNIE DOORS, but we also source from NOVATECH, MASTERGRAIN, PLASPRO and RICHARDSON DOORS.
  • Fiberglass doors can be ordered with a smooth finish or one of three wood grain finishes
  • Double wood grain entrance systems receive the stainable "ultimate astrigal", available in five different woodgrain veneers.
  • Add security and strength to your entrance, with the ENDURA "Trillenium" multi-point locking system. It�s available in various finishes and can be used with a large variety of handle sets.

How do you build a top quality entrance system?
You start with superior parts and components.

Sills: The sill is arguably the most important component of your entrance system. It is often the place where the seal on a door fails. Why compromise and even chance failure. Dundas Custom Door uses the low profile composite core adjustable sill (left) from ENDURA PRODUCTS. We believe it to be the best in the industry, as it consistently outperforms all other sills when tested. The sill is only 1 5/8� high, meaning a easier step over the threshold. The cap is adjustable to ensure a proper seal to the door sweep. The composite core or substrate make an excellent barrier against the transfer of cold through the sill. The sills can be extended up to 10�, and the cap can be replaced or changed for other snap-in receivers for direct glaze or out-swing bumper sill components. The sill is also available in three finishes; Mill (shown, and standard), Bronze and Nickel.

Weatherstripping: The weatherstripping is another very important element of the entrance system. Again we use only the best - the PE650 also manufactured by ENDURA (black). The �proud edge� design increases contact with the door panel, producing a superior seal. The weatherstripping also is 60% stiffer than conventional types, and absorbs 50% less water than standard open cell foam (white). It is available in white, beige, brown and black to complement your door colour.
We also use the �simple solution� corner seal on the hinge side bottom. This seal locks in to the weatherstrip to provide a virtually impenetrable seal.

Hinges: At Dundas Custom Door Company we use only ball-bearing hinges to ensure long life and smooth operation. The hinges are available in 8 different finishes, including stainless steel. They are also available as spring hinges or NRP (non removable pin) for outswing doors.

Jambs: Because we are Custom door builders, Dundas Custom Door Company offers many options for your specific needs when it come to jambs.
If the entrance is to be clad with aluminum or vinyl our standard jambs are laminated pine jambs that are factory primed. This popular material is strong and stays straight because of the lengthwise laminating. If the interior trim is to be stained, solid pine, finger-jointed pine or wood grain composite are options. The composite wood grain jambs are used to complement fiberglass doors, and can be painted or stained to look like real wood. Smooth composite or PVC wrapped wood jambs can be painted or left in factory white and require no cladding. More options include solid hardwood jambs of Red oak, Mahogany or Fir.

Door slabs: Steel door slabs are standard 24 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel skin, and filled with urethane. The doors surpass all regulatory efficiency and manufacturing standards. The doorslabs are factory painted in white, and are sourced from NOVATECH, MASONOTE or TRUTECH. They are available in 15 different styles, and in standard widths from 30� to 42�, heights standard 79� and 95�
Fiberglass door slabs are sourced from MENNIE DOORS, PLASTPRO, NOVATECH or MASTERGRAIN. They are manufactured in the same styles and sizes as the steel doors.
Custom sizes of doors and sidelite panels can also be ordered.

Decorative glass: Whatever your style, there is door glass available to suit it! We can even have designs and shapes custom made. Our decorative glass is supplied by NOVATECH, TRIMLITE, ODL and SPECIALTY. Custom glass is supplied by UNIVERSAL GLASS. Custom direct glaze sidelites (picture) or transoms can be made to match any doorlite glass.
The options are endless!

Commodity Glass: Commodity glass refers to the door glass that is not decorative, but can still be far from plain as well. Grills can be optioned in colours and various styles. Door glass can be totally clear to opaque, with options in between. Venting door lites are popular, as well as internal blinds, meaning blinds between the panes of glass that never need cleaning! The list goes on�

Astrigal: On a double door system, the astrigal can be the weakness or the strength of the entrance. At Dundas Custom Door we install the �ultimate astrigal� by ENDURA PRODUCTS. We believe this astrigal to be the best on the market for a number of reasons. 1. The astrigal is very strong , durable and has 4 � way adjustable latch and lock plates, so it is easy to set perfectly. 2. The astrigal uses a patented floating bottom seal. This means a clean sill without the traditional horseshoe receiver to trip over! 3. The ultimate astrigal is the most secure, using locking 24� x 3/8� flush bolts � the largest in the industry! For increased security it is available in a multi-point system that operates off the deadbolt on the active door! 4. The ultimate astrigal is aluminum and comes pre-painted white. It is paintable and available in 5 different wood veneer finishes for staining.

Why Dundas Custom Door Company?
The Difference is in the Details!

Having great parts and components is only half the equation. Building a quality door means using methods and practices that may take more time but we believe the results are worth it!
Practices like cutting and machining jambs in pairs so they mate perfectly every time. Our entrances are all hand assembled, our joints are fastened using #8 and #6 - 2� screws. The fasteners are pre-drilled to ensure there is no splitting of the jambs. Sills are caulked before assembly - one more detail to protect against frame rot, and ensure a long life for the door frame.

Continuous sill and header. Many door manufacturers use �box� methods for building entrances with sidelites. This means the sidelites are built separate and fastened together, butting the sill and header to create one entrance. We don�t. We believe using one-piece sills and headers, provides a much stronger and aesthetically pleasing entrance system. This requires notching and assembling the posts and headers to exacting tolerances.

Security. Security is a very important element of an entrance system. On a single door, or a door with sidelite panels the deadbolt is secured with a steel strike plate fastened by 3� screws. However in the case of direct glaze sidelites, the 3� screw cannot be used, as it will enter the glass. In this case we machine the post jambs to fits a security plate between the two back to back posts. The posts are glued and fastened together to make a strong secure deadbolt receiver. If you wish to increased the security of your entrance, we offer the Endura W&F multi-point lock system, which locks your door in three places instead of the standard single place. We consider this system the best on the market, due to it�s sturdy quality construction, but also because unlike most others on the market, this system latches in three places as well as locks.

Consistent appearance. At Dundas Custom Door Company we are big fans of having the sidelite panels look consistent with the door panels. We use the same box sweep so the bottoms appear consistent. We also use the same weatherstripping on the sidelite panels, and while we caulk the panels as well, the look and placement on the frame is consistent to the doorslab, both inside and outside. It�s a small detail, but a details are important.

Painting. Painting a steel or fiberglass door is a multi step process. The door slab is carefully masked, and prepped, then painted using two coats of a high quality industrial coating with hardener. This ensures a long lasting durable finish that is highly resistant to fading and will outlast residential paints. The doorlite frames and door sweeps are painted separately, so that when they move due to contraction and expansion, on the door sweep needs adjusting, there is no hideous unpainted lines to be seen. Doorslab painting generally adds little or no extras time to the lead time on entrances.

Staining. Fiberglass doors are becoming very popular. They can look just like real wood without the maintenance concerns. The fibergass door and the composite jambs and the doorlite frames are different materials and it takes a professional to attain the real wood appearance. We at Dundas Custom Door Company offer two options for this service: we can have a professional stain the entrance in our facilities, or we can arrange to have a entrance stained on site.

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